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See Microsoft's documentation about this: is an additional comment to my previous answer. Moreover you do not need to set any identity on the server.

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I have a Siemens 6520 router and i tried changing my wireless password using this You Tube video: You Tube - Siemens 6520 Wireless LAN Setup Pt 1 . I tried connecting back to the router and it says (after a long period of time) that it's connected but it shows 'Validating Identity' in the Windows Wireless Network search.

A pop up balloon also simultaneously opens saying that it cannot find a certificate that it needs.

The identity of a remote service endpoint is decided by the client during runtime.

If the server uses SSL then it has several identities: the common name of the certificate (i.e.

When the client connects to the server WCF will compare the two certificates and throw an exception if they do not match. Using a custom validator like Pedro Felix suggested is completely unnecessary in your case. There is no need to validate certificate by any other means (i.e.

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