Words like institutional intimidating uncaring

They were not uninterested in those cities that interest all.

Fumbling first on one foot, then the other, he eyed the uninterested clerk closely.

Do you avoid approaching or talking to certain people because they are attractive or beautiful? People aren't used to or comfortable with that kind of attitude in general. You could, but then you would have to step out of your comfort zone and grow.

Ernest gazed at it in an uninterested manner and allowed it to go by.

submitting invalid worker Social Security numbers to the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration, it stood to reason that they also would include these workers in their establishment survey responses or their UI tax reports (which provide the benchmark data for the establishment survey).

There are nice or not so nice people that are good looking or not so good-looking i.e. Not really intimidated, but "intimidated-awed" at the same time. If someone happens to be blessed with good looks, then more power to them. I generally feel quite intimidated by very beautiful women!

Also, why do so many people assume that someone attractive is stuck up? Couldn't you just give the person the benefit of the doubt until you at least TALK to them? It hurts to have someone write you off to a perceived flaw instead of actually giving you a chance first. but if i do see one at a party, i dont normally go up to talk to them or anything.. And personality and looks are two different things. To me, that just shows insecurity with myself and how I look. I don't understand why men would be intimidated by them.

What is another word for uncaring of others bad egg?

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