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I would sing the track for them, and that way, I got acquainted with all of them.

Even though he invited the singers, he would also ask me to sing a couple of songs in those albums as he wanted to provide an outlet for my singing talent. During a show that I performed, SPB praised me saying that earlier MSV always used to sing the tune himself to show the singers what he wanted, but was confidence in me that made him ask me to sing the track for his songs.

And I used to take part in singing competitions in school and win prizes. That was the period of MSV sir and Ilaiyaraaja sir, and I became their fan.

I was also attracted to the voices of SPB sir and Yesudas sir, and used to try and imitate their style of singing.

We formed an orchestra in college and during that time, I realised I had an ear for music and could easily make out the notes.

I studied music with TK Subramaniam, who, after seeing my interest, started teaching me for two-three hours separately.

I worked with him from 1995 till his demise in 2015.

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