Whos dating matt leinart

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I still do think that he can be a good Quarterback in this league too. He would fit the best in the West Coast Offense, or some type of balanced offense that can run and throw, which is actually what a lot of us were expecting going into last season.

But who would have expected us to throw on seemingly every play when you have a Quarterback who was one of the worst in the NFL during the 2009 Season with the Browns before he came here?

Now that Horton is here and the coaching staff is pretty much settled there isn't really a lot to talk about besides stuff like we have already been talking about Free Agency, Trades (Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer, Kyle Orton), or the Draft along with the possibility of there not even being a 2011 NFL Season.

So, now that we have had a while to reflect on this after the debacle that occurred between Matt Leinart and Coach Whisenhunt, I thought this could be something to get a good debate out of everyone around here.

Just comparing how he played from 2006 and then looking at how he played during the Preseason and what you hear from the Training Camp practices he also seemed more tentative like he was worried about making mistakes and he could have thought that if he did make a mistake he would get pulled.

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