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Those astronomical figures have only increased since then to a whopping 7,961,000.(Not too shabby for a couple of small-town bloodsuckers, eh?

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I never read a series so remarkable and so astonishing when I recieved the series for Christmas I read the series every night and didn't leave my room even to eat.

I feel so attached to this series this series has truly changed my view point on life and now my life revolves around the book.

It was great because the film gave you everything a twilight fan wants, It gave you a huge fight at the end and the awwwwww no, Carlisle's head just got decapitated, but then when you realised it was just a vision and it was just what could have happened you got the amazing feeling of releif because all your favourite characters were still alive and well.

But most of all the releif was because you knew all the Cullens and the Warewolfs were okay so therefore there is the hope that their will be a new film...the two men from Romania who despise the Volturi should come back one is called novel vladimir.

) There's money to be made and lots of it and, in Hollywood, more green is impetus enough.

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