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However, the decision to screen it live across the US and in London seems to be something Woody, 55, is now dreading.

Mr Dartnell’s passenger was Harrelson — then a 40-year-old actor whose career was in a slump, following his celebrated turn in the TV series Cheers and the controversial film Natural Born Killers.

That evening was, Harrelson says now, ‘the worst night of my life’, in the course of which he smashed up a taxi, was pursued by police, arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and detained in a police cell, before fleeing back to the U. His antics made headlines at the time — but Les Dartnell is baffled as to how those events could be deemed worthy of recreation and preservation in celluloid.

Others, however, might view it as the ultimate vanity project. According to Harrelson it began with an argument between him and his wife, Laura (played in the film by Spooks star Eleanor Matsuura).

He took off to a nightclub, the infamous Chinawhite, which, back then, was in Soho.

Harrelson was later released on bail and left the UK with the criminal damage charge outstanding.

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