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Later, a shot has them in bed (only the male shirtless) eating ice cream, presumably after sleeping together. In one scene, there are mature themes that also involve the implication of possible sex, such as when it's implied that a female dancer is about to leave a club and go home with a teacher at the academy, though she changes her mind because she decides it "isn't right." Elsewhere, there is flirtation and a few night club scenes that involve dancing suggestively.

The gang turns to "Wang Guy" (the recipient of the picture of Marshall's junk who has since returned the favor) for advice.

Wang Guy assures them that enemies can indeed become friends.

Zoey even dared Marshall to send a picture of "his junk" to a stranger.

It was then that The Blitz himself showed up and joined the gang.

But the next morning, he awakes to find his friends sleeping all over the messy apartment. To top it all off, Ted finds Zoey asleep in the bathtub.

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