Who is nora jones dating who is jan leeming dating

'All the attention and the interviews and busy and… 'I mean, it was all good things but it was also kind of a lot at once.

One minute you’re buzzed about, and the next minute you’re too successful and people are sick of you – it’s like, “Ugh, I don’t even want this.” I’m not complaining, because who wouldn’t want their record to be successful?

One of the first was a pretty, sultry ballad called Come Away With Me.

But at the time it was just very…’ She falls silent for a moment. Some people maybe have a goal like that, to reach that kind of fame.

But when you don’t have a goal like that, like me, you reach it, and it’s like, OK, what do I do now to maintain loving music and not going crazy?

Jones is tiny – 5ft 1in – and dressed in a downbeat jeans, blouse and anorak ensemble that is as effective as camouflage.

The luxuriant tumble of long hair that framed her face on the cover of Come Away With Me has gone, replaced by a waif-like bob – part of a life makeover three years ago which included, as she put it at the time, breaking up with her long-standing boyfriend, 'turning 30, changing my band, getting a dog, cutting my hair…’ Her dark eyes are guarded, her manner reserved to the point of formality.

For the moment, only her appetite is off the leash.

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