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He never said no to us kids, we have a huge family and whenever Michael was around, and he laughed, tickled and played with us (yes, even when we got grown and older). Rebbie released three more albums her last coming in 1998. I remember all my friends thought I was cool because I was Michael Jacksons niece but I thought my uncle was the coolest because he always had the time for me and always had a good heart. Michael produced the record, which eventually went gold, and wrote some of the songs. He was a wonderful father, friend, uncle, son, brother and just an all around good person! My brother had a problem with drugs, and he was in denial, Rebbie says. She is back listening to her brothers music, and shes ready to sing.

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24 Mellow Theat Hi, my name is Steveanna Jackson and I am Michael's niece. She also resumed her role as caregiver this time tending to Michaels children, Prince, 13; Paris, 12; and Blanket, 8.

I remember for my 7th birthday my uncle was on tour, he gave my mom the keys to Neverland and we had my party there, all my cousins had their birthday parties at Neverland. Another memory for me is my uncle calling me Applehead, he calls everyone in our family apple head, even my cousins Prince, Paris and Blanket. I will miss him dearly and always have memories of happy times but in my heart, as long as I can hear my uncles laugh, his voice, still remember his hugs and kisses, then my uncle will never pass on. I love you Steveanna this is steveanna with her cousin austin , , .

and last night his brothers tapped into his spirit to bring down the house at the San Diego County Fair. the BIG winner isn't really Katherine or Michael's 3 kids ... READ MORE The Jackson brothers are NOT living up to the name of their "Unity" tour -- despite continuing to perform together -- because Jermaine just arrived to the airport on his OWN in Los Angeles. READ MORE Nothing brings the Jackson brothers together like a payday -- TMZ has learned, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie still plan to perform a concert together tomorrow night ... and walked off the set -- after explaining how his mother has been forcibly cut off from the rest of her family.

more likely it's Jermaine Jackson, along with Tito, Randy and Marlon. READ MORE Michael Jackson's death anniversary is a particularly hard day for members of his family, especially his brothers, who tell TMZ ...

I remember going to school and having to stand up for my uncle many times because kids knew that it would hurt me and my brothers. Rebbie recalls Michael bringing her the lyrics and the choreography before the show. The mother of three didnt put out her first album, Centipede, until she was 34.

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