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Paul began the first step of his detective career by finding April's twin sister Barbara Conway and reuniting her with her family.

About this time, Pauls sister Patty disappeared from Genoa City following a bad marriage to Jack Abbott which resulted in her losing their baby and Patty shooting Jack three times after finding him in bed with Diane Jenkins. In an effort to help him mature, Paul's father, police detective Carl Williams, got Paul on the police force to assist Carl with his cases.

Both of them were quite promiscuous, and Nikki gave Paul a venereal disease.

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Paul's mother, Mary, constantly set him up with good wholesome girls who would give him the grandchildren she so desperately wanted.

These included Lynne and daughters of the ladies of her church.

Paul and April were married and lived in a shabby apartment.

Heather recovered but was a colicky baby and cried constantly.

Parental responsibility proved too much for Paul so he and April mutually decided to divorce.

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