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Dulli's half-hour-long on-stage cigarette breaks, complete with running commentary on sexual politics and attempts at matchmaking…

Panther stealth and Roman Candle intensity, The Afghan Whigs at their peak were the only American band you needed to listen to. The Afghan Whigs were the only band of your generation to give a truthful expression of masculinity in rock. Well, I dunno how I managed to skirt between those two, but maybe it’s like water flowing through rocks. The Twilight Singers felt like a smooth and seamless continuation from The Afghan Whigs, even though the personnel was different. The Afghan Whigs couldn’t fill Brighton, ever, so I don’t even know why The Twilight Singers were in Brighton! So, I think that that Brighton was never a good place for us, haha. I sort of don’t pay attention to any of that stuff. Lastly, my inner fanboy is getting the better of me and I have a nerdy question. [Gentlemen album track six] A friend of mine actually went there, and told me it was just a boring Los Angeles street intersection. there’s a church on the south-east corner of Fountain And Fairfax, it’s Crescent Heights Methodist Church, and that is where they do Narcotics Anonymous meetings and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. I actually went with a friend, who was being sober, whenever that was - 19 years ago, I guess - and I had never been to a meeting like that before.

Up in It was followed by a limited edition single released by No.6 Records under the name 'Ornament' which included vocals by Scrawl singer Marcy Mays (who would later contribute lead vocals to future Afghan Whigs’ song “My Curse” off the album Gentlemen).

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And that went a long way, for me, in deciding to do this again. Was it directly from you, or did someone else come to you with the idea? We’re doing this one time: see it now, or never see it again. Three guys started The Afghan Whigs, and three guys made all six albums. We’re the only three guys who made all the records and did all the shows. That who you’re gonna see: you’re going to see The Afghan Whigs. And we kind of let it lay until Barry Hogan [All Tomorrow’s Parties founder] contacted me and was in a little bit of a bind after Guided By Voices were unable to fulfil their commitments. Again, we’ve always been friends so it’s not any kind of great thing of having to swallow your pride to get back in the room.

So in a lot of ways, we were kinda stepping in to help someone out. These are my buddies, so we were never at odds in a friends relationship.

In 1996, Dulli served as executive producer for the soundtrack for the Ted Demme film Beautiful Girls.

The Afghan Whigs appeared in the film as a bar band, and contributed two songs to the soundtrack: Frederick Knight’s "Be For Real" and Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe".

Their 1993 masterpiece, Gentlemen, stands as one of the decade’s very finest, but their other five albums snap tenaciously at its heels. But you’re a successful entrepreneur outside of music - you’ve got the Royal Street Inn & The R Bar in New Orleans, you have homes in three different cities - so you can’t be doing this for the money. GD: My motivation is to sing these songs with my old friends. Afghan Whigs curate the Sunday of this year's I'll Be Your Mirror festival held at Alexandra Palace May 25 - 27.

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