Who is detective benson dating

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Sorry, this experience has caused me to be more careful.

You can find my story on this site with pictures of the man that I was sent. Go to Personal, Romance Scams, down to Nigerian dating scams. My Facebook info is in one of the comments under my story. Look me up on FB if you want or message me on here. Hi I sent you an email with the current pics of my scammers to help I am not sure if any of mine are the one but I even sent the ones I am currently engaging with as of yesterday I have 3 new fish on the hook. Please check your email and if I can help let me know and go to bloggers site, you have to actually scroll down and enter where it says block on the menu list other then that you probably not seeing it because you must on the menu under blog.. and her photos are there which are helping me identify any new suitors .. I can not promote my blog on this page however I know some are finding it as I am getting emails.

Please let me know if someone can help me get this person if he is also a scammer. The Scammer was using the photos of Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder, a German citizen in Bavaria.

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