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And in 1996 the Fleet Street press detailed how his girlfriend of four years left him after he had an affair while she was pregnant with their daughter.

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He was this guy from a little place who had big ideas above himself.

[He] was one of the first characters on British television who wanted celebrity and fame for no reason whatsoever.” For his part, Coogan has settled into a sort of love-hate relationship with the character.

“Without putting the film down, I was a bit shocked by how well it went down,” Coogan, a native of Manchester, England, says several months later at New York’s Regency Hotel, before chastising himself: “This is me being British, always trying to play down success.

One of the differences between the British and the Americans is that when someone says, ‘Oh, you were really good in that,’ a Brit does that stupid, self-effacing thing: ‘Oh, I wasn’t that good.’ Whereas the American is like, ‘Thank you very much for saying that. he is known—if at all—for his roles in Michael Winterbottom’s films .

In his home country, he says, “I’m kind of a part of the furniture now.

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