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Ex: Chantel Jeffries Duration of relationship: In the early months of 2014, and again this summer when he rented out a New York City theater for a post-concert movie night.

"Chantel and Bieber have been hanging out for the past few months," an insider told E! Relationship highlight: The model's Instagram account nearly gave all of her followers a heart attack after posting a naked photo of Bieber showing off his, um, member, with the caption, "I love you Justin." To make things even more shady, the photo tagged Gomez right on his penis.

But where does the obsession with Justin's relationships come from?

Maybe its jealousy over the fact that we'll never chill by a fire and eat fondue with the 22-year-old, or it's straight up befuddlement that his exes just can't seem to shake the power of the Biebs. Without further ado, a must-know rundown of Justin's league of extraordinary ex-girlfriends: Ex: Selena Gomez Duration of relationship: On-again, off-again between 2011-2014 (But has it really ever ended?

Rumors of any romance between the two came to a sudden head in 2014.

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