What is open dating relationship

Some experts say it has roots in genetics: About 80 percent of primates are polygamous, and similar estimates apply to human hunter-gatherer societies.(Still, it’s not useful to get caught up in the “is it natural” argument, says Kerner: Variation is what’s natural, more so than monogamy or nonmonogamy.)Other research suggests different people have different needs for a satisfying relationship.

But these categories are pretty fluid, and they shift depending on a given couple’s needs and boundaries. —Why Couples Go Rogue The tricky thing about relationships is they’re all different, so there’s no “one reason” why people decide to explore alternative relationship models.

Still, there are a wide range of theories about why monogamy hasn’t proved universally satisfying.

In other words, nonmonogamy is by no means a ticket out of relationship problems, and it might actually be a source of them.

It can also be thrilling, rewarding, and enlightening.

I wanted to care about someone without feeling owned by them, and I wanted that someone to feel the same way.

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