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As I have gone through the trouble to h About Me: OK - not so good at talking about myself, but here it is for now! I'm curious about the world around me, always learning, confident but modest. About Guys I Want To Meet: Creative, curious, great kissers, good men, active, kind to others, like to go out to theater or music, a bike ride, travel. About Guys I Want To Meet: Lookin for regular dudes who aren't big in the scene to hang out and grab a few beers, check out restaurants in the city or just to hit the outdoor trails.

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Good enough to coach or share knowledge while breaking a sweat. About Guys I Want To Meet: If u are a gay guy who thinks two "tops" or "bottoms" cannot have sex, u aren't really a gay man.

Interests include cross training, massage, nutrition and sports rehabilitation, and training with like minded buds. About Guys I Want To Meet: Nice guys to front of the line. Safe, sane with low maintenance and good social skills is great. You are just a straight guy trapped inside a gay man's body.

and I took the quiz ( below, and got a "100% Superman"...

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I like regular/masculine, friendly guys..0D $.post(" About Me: defined muscular build. About Guys I Want To Meet: Not many restrictions on ethnicity, body type, height, hair, eyes, cut/unc etc. Just introduce yourself first to make About Me: actor/artist/model/singer/nerd/jock good enough lol?

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