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Not sure if i broke something, but laravel used to redirect you back to the page and now throw this error when validation failed.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening, because it's also happening in the auth libraries and i don't want to go changing that.

By default, Dali will attempt to associate each persistent entity with an identically named database table.

Hi all, I have got a problem where i have to execute a portion of code only when a header file is included somewhere in the source file. for example if included placebo.h Thanks Divya No,you can't do this directly.

However,most of the head files define a macro to identify itself.

Grid, "Field Size Height", true)); and adding a property to the Grid class public double Field Size Height I tried to reproduce the problem in a separate test project (see zip), so you would have some more information to check if there's really a bug in the textedit or if this is a wrong usage of your controls, but I am not able to reproduce it in the test program.

Using laravel 5.2 I get this error when validating a form and with auth packages.

Parse Edit Value events shouldn't be used to convert values. However, a user should see and edit the values for instance in Millimeters. The conversion occurs exactly when the datasorce value is set or get. In that case it is not possible to leave the control any more, because it keeps saying "Invalid Value". Height member can fail if the Field Size object is not assigned. I found the sollution for my problem, I don't fully understand it yet. As for the "Invalid Value" issue, it is unclear what you do to resolve it in your project, and how it works.

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