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We started talking, and we realized we were all different, but the one thing that we had in common was we knew we wanted to be married one day. I realized there was no organization and were no classes or resources out there for single women in terms of relationship readiness. If you’ve never seen it, you’re going to start to think it doesn’t exist and that it can’t happen for you and that love is not real.So, we went from cooking parties, to workshops in my living room, to events, to memberships, and now we do it all. I come from a family where we have kids, but we don’t get married. We have a mentor program call The Wives Society, which is an organization full of happily married women that mentor the single women each month.And we honor one wife with The Clair Huxtable Award, and she does a presentation on the business of being a wife.

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Publishers also wanted to charge me as a wholesaler to buy my own book to sell retail. By becoming my own publisher, I avoided that scenario. The belief that God put in me the power to create the life I want inspires me. After touring various events, engaging with various women who have also been broken, I realize the beauty in the bottom. Now when I see a fire ahead of me, I stand strong in it and I dare it to burn me. That’s what I see as I tour that is truly the strength in all of us. I am the person who creates from my personal needs.

Plus, I knew my book sales would mostly be generated through my expo, conferences, public speaking, book clubs and personal appearances, not from sitting on a shelf somewhere in a bookstore. There was a point in my life where the ground was the closest thing to me. Disappointed and hurt by so many people who I really thought cared for me. When I created Black Girls Radio, it was the first African American girl talk radio show in Atlanta created by a black woman for black women.

It seems like back in the day, mothers used to teach their daughters wifely skills. For a lot of us, they are our first example that yes, Black women be happy.

What’s the process like for choosing who can become a member? Not everyone wants to be married, and everyone doesn’t buy into the idea that they have to work on themselves to prepare for the relationship.

“But definitely making sure we have our chocolate girls covered.

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