Usps tracking to canada not updating 100 free no credit card needed webcam

Paul order which as luck would have it had all the cables to run it in the second box!) Yes I learned my lesson and yes USPS SHOULD DIE OF CANCER OF THE FACE!

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For most people and small businesses -- except large businesses who mail hundreds/thousands of items a day -- USPS is the best way to mail things because it's much less expensive than the other carriers!

The only people who get a deal with these other carriers are large businesses.

The vendor promises 4 days to deliver (after sending) to the U. The tracking info said the package was in Jamaica New York. There are some insured carriers, like EMS express, which will deal with the other local carriers, but you really need to know what you're doing before shipping internationally. WHEN WE ALLOWED LOW LIFES INTO OUT COUNTRY AND THEN TO CONTROL AND TAKE OVER OUT GOV.

S., so it should be here today, still, tracking at USPS says the post office is still waiting for it. I know they have it, because the Czech Republic mail service, ironicly, was able to confirm that they delivered it to USPS days ago! I would sooner have my parcel thrown in a dumster, so as to avoid the weeks and weeks of wondering if and when it will arrive. Fed Ex and UPS, of course, have international shipping plans that are fast and have great tracking and insurance, but they're very, very expensive (last time I had to ship via that method, it was something like $25 or $35 for a ~1 lb package). ( AND MAYBE NOW THE PRES.), OUR COUNTRY HAS BECOME SO SORRY NOW, JUST ANOTHER SORRY LOW LIFE!!!!

Also, people have reported that delivery confirmation is useless as well.

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