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There is a lot of uncertainty about what a Trump presidency will mean for many communities, but one group that has been particularly nervous is transgender people.

Sunday marks the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day used to commemorate people lost to anti-transgender violence in this past year, just one indication of the serious challenges facing the community.

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Now it only requires a letter from a physician confirming appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition.

Arli Christian, state policy council for NCTE, says that while we don't know what to expect with the new administration, it's unlikely that the process for updating identification documents will change.

With this online service you can simply enter your personal or company details once and update your records at multiple government departments and NGOs listed below.

The service also gives you the flexibility to pause during the process and save the data so that you can retrieve it and continue later.

After application submission, you will receive an acknowledgement email on the condition that you have opted to receive it.

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