Updating wwii discharge papers

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Write directly to: Give them as much background as you can: Full Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Service No, Rank, etc. ") Destroyers: Enlisted Billet Descriptions (NAVPERS 16,486) (Should be useful for other ship types.

Cruisers and Battleships will have more personnel, but doing similar jobs; smaller ships will have fewer personnel doing the same type jobs; aviation jobs on aircraft carriers would be unique.) Brief records of the daily administrative activites of the ship; includes journal style entries of the ship's administrative activities, location and course of travel, etc.

Additional information at the Naval Historical Center: Ships' Deck Logs Sample: USS Ward (DD-139) Deck Log for December 1941.

Quarterly reports of a ship's enlisted personnel, with monthly updates of personnel changes.

Daily journals of events submitted by all but the most minor of naval commands during World War II. The level of detail can be rather sketchy, but will provide information about major campaigns, battles and incidents -- which can then provide starting points for any of the above logs/reports, as well as campaign/battle histories of World War II that may be relevant.

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