Updating sony blue ray firmware

updating sony blue ray firmware-63

i'll search for documentation on Img Burn and get a little more familiar with that.

This utility updates the BDP-S1 firmware to version 5.20, and provides the following benefits: Improvements over firmware version 5.10: * Improves BD-Java compatibility to enhance interactivity with some BD-ROMs.

i've not tried a lens cleaner, though i've seen that suggestion somewhere else. burner is quite old (Lite On SOHW832) but has the most up to date firmware (VSOM) which i've confirmed.

based on some other reading, i used a program to back up my burner's firmware, then view the write tables and it clearly shows the ritek and TY discs as being supported. i'll keep poking, starting with getting familiar with using Img Burn. Does it break the encryption AND compress or do i still use dvd shrink, then use Img Burn instead of Nero to burn the dvd? They cause the disc to warp, and furthermore, it's variable, dependent on temperature and humidity. You can do a search for "sticky labels" and read some long threads on the subject. Do you have another burner with which you can burn some test discs? And you haven't said if you use verification and/or ISO compare on your burned discs.

Keep also in mind that one of the new "features" might be support for Cinavia, and you might not be able to go back to an older version of the firmware, so check before updating.

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