Updating nvram

The NVRAM-based extension table preferably also includes storage for board identifiers and corresponding configuration information.

The problems noted above are solved in large part by a computer system having central processing unit, a read only memory (“ROM”), a nonvolatile random access memory (“NVRAM”), and other common computer components. The information can relate to configuration data for boards installed in the computer or other types of information.

Preferably, each entry in the ROM table includes a board identifier and corresponding text describing the board and/or configuration data for the board (e.g., interrupt settings, port I/O settings, etc.).

Most, of not all, computers have at least one ROM device.

At least one of the ROM devices is commonly referred to as the “system ROM” or “BIOS ROM.” “BIOS” refers to the Basic Input/Output System.

Re-flashing a ROM generally requires taking the computer off-line, erasing the ROM and writing the entire ROM device with the old information just erased and with the new information, and retesting the system.

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