schmidt online dating video 2016 - Updating gentoo kernel

Also, make sure to do the two updates immediately one after the other. If you need CD-ROM support, load CD-related things but say no to everything else.

The EC firmware is usually much better at backwards compatibility than the BIOS. In particular, avoid loading and doskey, as the presence of either program causes Phoenix bios flash tool phlash16to abort.

Easiest way is from internal hard drive, but you'd better avoid touching it until you don't want to loose files there. To do this, first you need to find the index for the first occurance of MSCF in the downloaded executable. If there is a power failure during the update, you will likely brick your laptop.

Booting from a Floppy is not recommended, so there are two best options to boot: CD drive or USB Flash drive. This can be done with the following The command adds the byte offset of the matching line plus the index for the start of the MSCF on that line, thus the byte offset of MSCF, this number is usually 4196 Now we need to cut these header bytes off, this is done by a standard dd cut, the following cuts away the first 4196 bytes. This method won't work for the Thinkpad 560X (and likely other older models).

You can also check the Lenovo Support website's driver matrix. Make sure the firmware bootdisk is in linux 'dd' format, as the self-extracting disks from the IBM website cannot be booted directly as such.

Lenovo/IBM provides firmware upgrades in a variety of packages: The Linux diskette is just the Diskette package that runs on Linux instead of Windows/DOS. This worked on the R31, X22, T21, T30 and T41p with various firmware updates.

This page is meant to describe ways to update the BIOS on a Think Pad that only runs Linux for users that don't have ready access to Windows. Contrary to the name, GRUB for DOS works fine on Linux.

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