Updating error symantec

There are two ways in which to repair Symantec Live Update Error Code 4 error: Advanced Solution (manual update): 1) Switch on the system and then log on as an administrator.

updating error symantec-46

Going through similar issues posted here I realize that this is most likely due to a faulty driver. Like a bad technician, i have restart enabled *sigh* so I go to boot menu, and select my vista drive. It started when a scanner popped up and kindly offered to find and delete viruses on my computer.

I was certain it was a virus itself, but I could not stop it without doing a hard shutdown, not to mention...

1st update: OK (Win7; NS: 20161004.002) (W10; NSBU: v20160223.011) 2nd one: (NS on W7: performed a reboot.

IPS, v20161004.002) (NSBU on W7: v20160223.011) 3rd upgrade: (NS, v22.8.0.50, on W7: Performed a reboot.

The additional number and letter code will be the location of the system regions where the instructions are filled at the time of the error code.

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