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This is true but GFCI circuit breaker is more of a cost to the customer then a GFCI receptacle which you can buy the now for around 4 bucks. How much do people charge per receptacle to do this? Because these are ungrounded wired in "BX" I'm assuming this is a pretty old installation?

We are not required to place a no equipment ground sticker around these parts. If this really is old "BX" with the cloth-insulated conductors, then it probably does not have a bonding jumper in the armor, so the armor is not suitable for use as an equipment ground.

(c) A nongrounding-type receptacle(s) shall be permitted to be replaced with a grounding-type receptacle(s) where supplied through a ground-fault circuit interrupter.

Grounding-type receptacles supplied through the groundfault circuit interrupter shall be marked GFCI Protected and No Equipment Ground.

I have never done this, but how do you convert a old house with two prongs to three prongs? Thanks Soko Are you a Professional Electrical Contractor?

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