Tyra banks show online dating

If you're a single and fierce lady who has dating stories that your friends crave — and you're ready share them with a whole new audience — we want to get to know you.

You'll write one post a week for Tyrashow.com, which receives millions of hits each week!

Men: be sure to let us know if you're the nice guy, the bad boy or a big-time flirt.

Well you're in luck because that glowing thing that makes the word typies actually, with the help of your phone line, hosts a whole series of online "publications." Like this website or the new and improved man bloggers to "blog about their ideals" (curse you, candy commercial) and talk about dating and stuff.

So not only do you get to work for a megalomaniac like Banks, but you also get to do it for free. A tipster tells us the listing was posted on a J-School jobs board. The Tyra Banks Show in NYC is looking for freelance writers.

The website for our show basically operates as an online magazine and a popular segment is "Single & Fierce".

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