Tragic tale of teen dating violence

she even had a new boyfriend senior year someone she says who respected the fact that i needed my space.

this month she was starting college confident shell never be a victim again.

according to a harvard study of 4163 public high school girls in 2001 nearly 1 in 5 reported physical or sexual abuse in a relationship.

this is a major adolescent health issue says jay silverman associate professor of society human development and health who directed the harvard study.

parental advice can save to sleep when horrific news becomes the dating violence stats Every week huffpost high school rounds up the best local news stories about high school students from across the country through our friends at patch...

Teen dating violence awareness and prevention month In the two years since sarah who went through nine months of counseling has visited 10 schools talking to groups of girls about dating violence work she says has helped her come to terms with what happened.

Here you'll see the positive reaction of one mother to a devastating event.

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