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is it going to be between games, during one of the games, or after the last game that came out (which as far as I know is still ten desires).

once you've got that down, it'll be easier for your team to figure out what should actually happenalso, if you do go with the dating sim route I suggest you refrain from allowing the player to be their choice of character.

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Can different playable characters end up with the same person?

(eg Marisa and Reimu both end up with Cirno) How much besides the current plot summary do you have outlined? Is anyone else currently working on the project with you?

So it would have various endings, depending who you choose to work with.

Depending on how much help I can get, I will have one to three playable characters, probably being Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya, but obviously that's subject to change, depending on how well the project does......|: Oh God, thank you SO much for pointing that out.

You actually posted that at the perfect time, I was in the process of coming up with a premise to post. Funnily enough, the plot takes place a little while after it.

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