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The man I now know as a part of the trio of Tim, Helena and Billy is new and improved and completely complete. I'll step off the Kleenex box and get on with things, shall I? In August of 2003 I was in Montreal, working on a film called Secret Window, when I received a phonecall from Tim asking if I could make it down to NYC for dinner the following week to discuss something.

No names, no title, no story, no script - nothing specific.

“People have this image of me as being otherworldly,” said the actress on an unseasonably cold and stormy day in late spring.

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So there was the kid in me who was giddy that I should be, in this case, the chosen one for the part.

But there was also the thespian in me who understood very, very well that every actor and their mother and that mother's brother's uncle's third cousin's pet iguana's goldfish would have hacked each other up into tiny morsels - or at best, gladly knocked each other off in a more civilised fashion - clamouring, gagging for the chance that was being presented to me by one of the people I admire most. I think I probably let him finish a sentence and a half before I blurted out the words, "I'm in." "Well," he said, "think about it and let me know..." "No, no...

There was only one person I could see in that role.”Hair by Shay Ashual at Art Partner; makeup by Dick Page for Shiseido at Jed Root; manicure by Naomi Yasuda for Dior at Streeters. Produced by Red Hook Labs; Executive Producer: Simon Malivindi; Line Producer: Helena Martel Seward; Digital Technicians: Niccolo Pacilli, Jeronimo de Moraes; Photography Assistants: Sinclair Jaspard Mandy, Pawel Woznicki, Kevin Jude; Fashion Assistants: Dena Giannini, Ryann Foulke, Lauren Bensky; Hair Assistant: Taichi Saito; Makeup Assistant: Gina Daddona; Production Assistants: Kevin Doherty, Miles Soboleski, Marcos Fecchino, Kevin Warner.

From Guardian on-line: Many a moon has passed since the days of my brief brush with TV stardom, or whatever one might dare call it.

Piercing, smiling, contented eyes, with all of the gravity of yesteryear, but bright with the hope of a spectacular future. There was a man with, presumably, everything - or so it seemed from the outside. I am looking at the Tim that has been waiting to shed the skin of the unfinished man that we all knew and loved, being reborn as the more complete radiant hilarity that exists full-blown today.

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