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That assertiveness alone could have a chilling effect on big company mergers, which typically rely on job cuts and other so-called efficiencies to offset an oversize purchase price.

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries, often at the forefront of merger and buyout activity, thought Trump would be a boon to their businesses. In light of Trump's concerns about China's trading policies, Chinese companies buying businesses here will have to clear a higher bar than before and will be pressured to keep profits of acquired companies in the U. Trump is not your typical businessperson or corporation-loving Republican.

Meanwhile, factory and construction jobs may have dropped over the decades while nursing and health care have remained steady or rising (due to an increasing customer base of returning vets and retiring baby boomers), and internet/tech jobs have also done well.

People and corporations who ran into finance (General Electric, for example) from industry in the 1980's are also doing OK for the minute, and privatizing Social Security etc will help them until the bubble bursts.

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