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This started a trend that sparked three My Scene movies, all of which have been aired on the Nickelodeon channel.

Unfortunately, Bryant is discontinued from the line, leaving Nolee without a love interest, which is noted in a Holiday movie on My

Waves of new merchandise this year will continually freshen the line as Mattel heads full throttle into the tween market war.

Public Relations at Mattel describes My Scene as the "new tween-targeted brand from the makers of Barbie".

It meant everything that Barbie is not."Mattel's answer to the rivalry is the My Scene line, a sort of "anti-Barbie" Barbie doll line that Bratz dolls created.

Priced lower than the Bratz dolls at $13.99, the My Scene dolls are attempting to tap into the mind-set of these teen-wannabes with more realistically proportioned bodies, exotic looking faces and edgy wardrobe.

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