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Their backgrounds ran the gamut, from Republicans to Democrats, from hard-core nationalists loyal to the shah to sympathizers of President Mohammad Khatami.Subjects range, too, from politics to poetry; from Silicon Valley boardrooms to--well, yes--brothels in Tijuana, Mexico.A photographer sends in a series of stills depicting a driver picking up a tall, elegantly dressed prostitute in Tehran.

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I put a lot of time to study psychoanalysis and psychology.

At the turn of the 21st century, I noticed a flood of messages from Iranian strangers each time I logged on to my instant messenger service. Authorities patrol the streets, detaining couples in public, ordering them to show proof of an Islamically sanctioned relationship.

For a long time, Mehran, a 40-year-old lawyer who travels frequently between New York and Tehran, never thought he would have much in common with Iranian women.

In 1979, he left Iran, where he had attended an American school, and in the United States, he dated non-Iranians "almost exclusively." But because of satellite television and the Internet, he said in a telephone interview from Tehran, "le chick or le dude knows the latest fashion, the coolest way to think and the most fantastic music.

published its first issue in September 1995, and long before the first blog it began serving as a communal bulletin of ideas for a young generation of Iranians everywhere.

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