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When he came back a month later, Tahyna held a Super Bowl barbecue at home, and as soon as Tristan walked in, she fell for him really hard. There is no pretence about her and she didn't really care what I did, which makes a huge difference in a place like LA.

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"Everyone from Ireland is so lovely."The pair were married in January 2014 in a Catholic church in Sydney, and were stalked by paparazzi as both have a high profile.

They have now bought a place in Tahyna's hometown of Cronulla as they think it will be a beautiful area to eventually raise children, and regard themselves as a very solid unit.

They were with mutual friends at Galanga, a Thai restaurant in LA, and neither ­realised their friends were trying to set them up ­together.

Mind you, there didn't seem much point as Tristan was going on tour the next day and Tahyna was planning on leaving LA. "I phoned my mum and told her I had met the girl I was going to marry. Tahyna was obviously very beautiful, but she was also different to any other girl I had come across in LA.

He worked with his electrician dad after school, sold life ­insurance policies at Bank of Ireland, and worked as a landscaper with his uncle.

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