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The lucky participants got regular instalments of their personal dating story on Twitter throughout February with the final episode revealed to them on Valentine’s Day. That was definitely something she wanted to experience again. And all it had taken was one rogue rugby ball and one black eye to bring them together. She’d always dreamed of the celebrity serenading her, so – fingers shaking – she got in touch straightaway. ’ Becca said to her friend as they piled into one of London’s most exclusive spas. Assuming Kirsty was in the treatment room, Becca went to join her, lying on a table beside the towel-clad figure of her friend. She makes for the section where he's flicking through a novel. When she turns around he hands her a book and says, ' I think you'd really enjoy this one.' ' Really? All have their qualities but they don't quite set Lucy's heart alight the way Daniel Craig did as he emerged from the sea in those shorts. But he had the grace to turn up at your place, your workmates were amazed and you’re a bit dazed. He called you ' Cinderella', the sweet-talking fella. He didn’t tell you his name but he told you about the wideness of the world and the fun it contains. You kept asking what he wanted, but he didn’t answer.So now it’s time for you to put your feet up, make yourself a cup of tea and settle down with the great reads below. ‘Would you like to go out tonight and give it a try? Georgia couldn’t remember ever laughing that much – she even forgot her black eye! #mentallydating By Talli Roland Tina ran her eyes over the profile. Over posh fish and chips, she met Jon, who looked so much like her dream singer, she could scarcely believe it wasn’t him." They smiled and laughed, each sharing the other’s humour. The show was sold out, but she still hoped for tickets. Becca lay face down, sighing as the masseuse dug into her shoulders. Thanks, I’ll see you tonight.’ #mentallydating By Fiona Gibson Jenny loves comics but she's not looking for a superhero. She's picturing that scene as she enters the bar and grabs a table. He stood up at last and said he had to go, there was something he had to do, but it was lovely to meet you.

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Wimbledon Amuse Bouche Information The Valentines Day speed dating event takes place at 7.00pm on Friday 13th February 2009 at Amuse Bouche in Soho.

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Except for one, who’s better dressed than the others.

Speed dating in Nottingham is a great way to meet like-minded Nottingham singles.

‘Pete, I’ve always wondered what would happened if we dated.’ The words left her mouth as stars swam before her eyes. They’d known each other for ages, so she wasn’t nervous…

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