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In September 2014, the first round of speed dating occurred in which Hieatt located her “mom friend forever” (MFF).

This portion of the website will release this month, with the soft launch happening in Austin.

“It really is just people talking and getting to know someone.

“When you have the media and the image of the mother, what is expected of her and what she should be able to deal with, it’s pretty confining,” Hieatt says. Often, you feel like you’re the only one who is experiencing these thoughts and emotions.

After recognizing these things, I realized there was a need.” With the idea in mind, Hieatt set out to put it into action.

“With speed dating, everyone is there for the same thing. [We’re] all looking for the right friend, someone you can let go with and that helps to make this parenting journey more fun and less individualistic,” Hieatt says.

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