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What do you get when you add sunshine and personal space to a Brit? Add health care and education and you get a Canadian." Dana Alexander, Udderbelly Pasture24"My girlfriend worries about me cheating on a night out, but I always try to reassure her and say to her: 'Why would I go out and have a burger when I have steak at home?

' The only problem is, when you are drunk, burgers are well nice." Rob Beckett , Pleasance Courtyard25"I see these signs on the back of trucks which say, IF YOU CANNOT SEE MY MIRRORS. Whenever I see those signs I immediately run up behind the truck and if I can't see his mirrors, I start unloading/stealing his stuff." Benny Boot, Udderbelly – Pasture26"Ever hated yourself so much that your apartment wants you to move out?

Unless you're in charge of thinking up the Opening Ceremony, in which case they're mandatory." Alistair Barrie, Udderbelly Bristo Square48 “I know that the English always say that Irish pubs are so friendly.

Let me tell you something: we don’t even know you’re there.” Sean Hughes, Pleasance Courtyard49 “I was the first to reach the summit.

OC/DC.” Rob Deering, Pleasance Courtyard70"As a short man, I'm annoyed by the stereotype that all short people are funny.

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