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Relive holiday memories with scenic Ireland posters, popular Irish travel locations including Kylemore Abbey, Blarney castle posters & art prints. Armed Irish Republican Volunteers took over the GPO on O' Connell street in the first hours of a 6 day rebellion against British forces.

View photos of the city center after the 1916 uprising - historic Dublin images.

The city has grown significantly in recent decades with the City and County 2014 population in excess of 1.2 million.

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Those without knowledge of Irish omitted the dot, spelling the name as Dublin.

Variations on the name are also found in traditionally Gaelic-speaking areas (the Gàidhealtachd, cognate with Irish Gaeltacht) of Scotland, such as An Linne Dhubh ("the black pool"), which is part of Loch Linnhe.

The original pronunciation is preserved in the names for the city in other languages such as Old English Difelin, Old Norse Dyflin, modern Icelandic Dyflinn and modern Manx Divlyn as well as Welsh Dulyn.

Other localities in Ireland also bear the name Duibhlinn, variously anglicized as Devlin, Historically, scribes using the Gaelic script wrote bh with a dot over the b, rendering Duḃlinn or Duiḃlinn.

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