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In 1969, at the request of the Universal House of Justice, he journeyed to Asia, visiting Persia, India, West Pakistan (now Bangladesh)[sic] and Nepal. Mühlschlegel and his wife moved in 1974, at the suggestion of the House of Justice, to Hofheim, Germany, very close to the Mother Temple of Europe.

Mühlschlegel made his first trip to other continents.

His grandson, Paul, benefited from the provision in perpetuity of scholarships for descendants of the six.

They were both of true, God-fearing, religious stock, Charles's father having been a well-known Methodist minister in Illinois, and one of the six founders of Northwestern University, in Evanston.

The first National Spiritual Assembly of Greece was elected that year. Restricted in his travels, this faithful servant of the Cause devoted his time to study and to the preparation of a book concerning the achievement of maturity in the Cause.

And so in 1977, at the age of eighty, he settled, with Ursula, in their last pioneer post, Athens. The harmony of his home attracted friends from near and far, and all drew benefit from his combination of love and wisdom.

Soon a healthy community was established in Fribourg with his help and that of his wife.

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