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Prince Paul produced the group's debut album,, a mock-game show soundtrack that introduced such De La terms as "the D. (Number 24 Pop, Number 1 R&B, 1989) yielded a hit single in "Me Myself and I" (Number 34 Pop, Number 1 R&B, 1989), set to a sample of Funkadelic's 1979 "(not just) Knee Deep." De La Soul then helped formed "Native Tongues," a loose alliance with A Tribe Called Quest, the Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, and Black Sheep.De La Soul's second album was an obvious reaction to the perception that its debut, however innovative, was "soft." Titled (Number 26 pop, Number 24 R&B, 1991), it took a darker, more serious tone with songs about drug abuse ("My Brother's a Basehead"), incest ("Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa"), and the vicissitudes of fame ("Ring Ring Ring [Ha Ha Hey]" [Number 22 R&B, 1991]).Was it really that hard to ensure all tracks are mastered at the same volume level?

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"The title Rubber Soul was kind of, 'Hey man, it's got soul - it's a lot of soul.

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Tommy Boy didn't even get it right on the 2CD reissue of 3 Feet High & Rising. The sound quality is also far improved, and the track selection is excellent, including several single edits and remixes which didn't appear on the original albums.

Until 3 Feet, Dead, and Buhloone are properly remastered and re-released, this singles collection will have to suffice if we want to hear De La sound good.

De La Soul's revolutionary, neopsychedelic soni kaleidoscope pulsses with razor-sharp wordplay and deftly turned rhymes.

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