Sophia bush dating tony romo

Hey, it's not like they don't have anything in common, right?

There's a faction among us who might say that people like Michael Sam would ruin the sanctity of marriage should gay marriage be made legal nationwide.

They had drinks in the lounge and awaited the rest of their party to arrive." After dinner, the flirting continued.

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And the attraction was evident between these two lovebirds.

A witness observed, "She was laughing at him when he screwed up a little bit in the beginning. They seem cute together." Gossip Girls Enjoy the pictures of Sophia out on Robertson Blvd earlier this month.

The dating scene is tough to break into when your job demands wonky hours and call times at 2 a.m.

Maybe that's why so many TV stars date their coworkers.

But those people obviously aren't looking at the frequent break-ups taking place in Hollywood.

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