Should college students use online dating

A lot of people still rag on online dating but so many people do it. Every walk of life is using these services, from pretentious hipsters to shy bookworms to party animals who are all about college life.

Don't worry about looking like a hapless, loveless fool.

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If you want to give online dating in college a go, here are seven things to consider before taking the plunge.

Seriously, don't feel like you're some kind of loser because you can't find a guy or girl on campus to hang out with in a romantic way.

Even if your school has an LGBTQ community or organization, attending those meetings or events isn't an automatic guarantee to find a uni boo.

Our intern Katie, who IDs as a queer girl, summed it up super well: "I just know a lot of friends who used online dating sites to find possible people to date while in college.

Some people you'll meet via online dating are cool, but you just aren't into them.

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