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"Play participants must also be mindful of their preferences and boundaries.

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"Some of us don't like jay walking, and some excitedly jump out of planes. She advised us to learn to be comfortable getting our (respectful) leer on.

It's the same for sex," Blue said -- and anyone engaging in any variety of sex should think about the level of risk with which they are comfortable. "We need watchers for the exhibitionists, so give yourself permission to watch," she said, noting that sex parties are often the first time someone sees live sex that they are not involved in.

"They are taking care of themselves so you don't have to later!

" One of the more exciting experiences you might come across at a play party (or in your own sex life) is group sex or a full-on orgy.

An intention is a mindset that sets the tone for the experience based on one's values.

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