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The church goes on to say on its website that these are complicated concepts, and some people don’t understand. The capacity to think is expected of Satanists.” Frequently featured in heavy metal posters and bad tattoos, the number 666 has long been identified as the number of the beast.

It’s cited from the Book of Revelation, in which John associates the number with the Antichrist, but the details of the story aren’t entirely clear.

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Rather than worshiping someone they consider just another fictional character, Satanists do the opposite by putting their faith in the worldly and tangible.

The use of Satan is simply a symbol for their devotion to earthly things and their belief that they should revere other people at the same level usually reserved for the deities of other religions.

Archaeologists have stacks and stacks of nearly indecipherable manuscripts from historic dump sites in Egypt that date to the third or fourth century.

Researchers have been able to translate more of the writing by utilizing recent improvements in photographic imaging techniques.

Not long before that, another French occultist named Eliphas Levi wrote about the evil connotations between the pentagram and a goat-headed figure.

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