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I knew that exercise wouldn’t take too much of your time because you instantly know the truth: People who are rude to waiters have a mean streak.

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Your date has two goals: they want you to see him or her as entitled, special, and demanding; and your date is also testing you to see what you’ll put up with.

The next time you see this bottom-feeder trait in your date, I hope you do the right thing and put a stop to it immediately.

yes of course he’s gonna shave it before tdc because he’s playing a teenager.

and can you all just stop being rude to him about this mustache oh my god, this poor guy hasn’t looked his age his whole life, do you know how annoying it had to be being 17 and looking 12?

Verbal remarks include outright attacks about how the waiter doesn’t know how to “be a waiter;” commenting on the waiter’s incompetence or stupidity; and mocking the waiter’s pronunciation of menu items.

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