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Story by Stereo Williams Images by De Wayne Rogers Romany Malco has quietly become one of the more high-profile black comedic actors in mainstream Hollywood.The former rapper made the leap to acting in the late 1990s after encouragement from fellow New York native John Leguizamo, whom Malco worked with on the 1997 film ).While he acknowledges that he can do more than just make people laugh, he refuses to become angry when he enjoys what he does so much.

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The movie, which is very sitcom-setup-driven (it's "The Best Man" meets "Valentine's Day"), introduces its embattled pairings with titles like ''The Non-Committer vs.

The Girl Who Wants the Ring'' and ''The Dreamer vs.

Once you get there, it’s kind of hard to double back.

The movie and television star, opened up about his feelings towards Donald Trump's presidency, if he were an advisor in his campaign, and he also gave dating advice to some lucky BLS callers.

“For me, I never want anyone outside of my immediate family and outside of me to have the power to alter the way that I walk, talk, shop or date,” he says.

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