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His physic is perfect and his height is perfect for his dramas. For me, I find Yoona acting is really good but I respect other opinions. I am not sure how much she is stronger than and more intelligent than anna without her background family power. But also others villians here are portrayed unique as well.Love to see him in a good historical or traditional dramas. I will anticipate her project from now on because I start love her after finish this drama. Continue from my last comment but i have not finished yet. Moreover, i feel that once you become a bad person its not so easy for you to redeem because your evil pals can kill you. Back to anna, i was annoyed that she would go out with yoo jin half brother to get more information about her mother's death who encourage her to go against yoo jin.My rating for this one would be: Story: 7/10 OST: 10/10 Acting: 8/10 i think the drama was great, i'm just a little disappointed bcs it wasn't as interesting as i had expected it to be ...

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Cant Team Yoona fans and Team Songyoona fans become Best Friend ! Once again I love Ji Chang-Wook's martial Arts style very bold and realistic.

Thank you staff and martial art coach, always looking forward for his action fights. I read Yoona's interview that she was happy that people compare her acting with Song Yoona.

The emotions were just flowing out of her face expressing the gravity of the situation…this to me is one of the most important skill of an actor/actress should have. Overall the cast selection was good and was perfect fit for everyone.

Her secretary “chief kim” also complemented her very well. Yoona needs to improve her acting otherwise it would be difficult for her audience to watch her for long time… There are moments you want to watch again and again. Kim bo young “today Too” and Park sung woo’s “It’s you”, you will like to hear it again and again.

He was lonely and has enounter a lot of challanges with intelligent powerful people; which he might have not wanted but destiny has led him to. Even in reality, there is no actual reason why people would fall in love.

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