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The use of both an unlined scrape and of lining material reduced the rate at which a test object lost heat. Constructing a lined scrape is therefore likely to serve to insulate a clutch.

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The rate of conductive heat loss from within a scrape increased with scrape depth and decreased with lining depth.

Convective heat loss increased with wind speed in shallow scrapes but not in deep scrapes. Mites and birds: diversity, parasitism and coevolution.

Birds use nests to protect eggs and nestlings from predators and adverse weather.

To minimize predation, birds may use or build nests that are inaccessible, hidden, or camouflaged. The dinosaur and theropod ancestors of birds were building nests in the early Jurassic and even the late Triassic.

Later that evening, apartment surveillance video showed her and Rodriguez leaving the complex. A yoga mat and shorts believed to belong to her was found on the trail.“We believe they went to a trail, not far from that apartment complex where she typically worked out,” Perlich said.

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