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So a heartfelt thank you to those who have left birthday messages to Richard on this website over the past 8 years, I have really enjoyed reading them. New Berlin Station promo videos from Epix: 10th August Richard has created a Facebook page and an Instagram page. 3rd August Once again I've created a birthday message page for you to leave messages for Richard.

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According to IMDB the release date is set for 12 November 2017.

Update: Richard has now deleted all posts relating to this project from his social media, so his involvement is now in doubt.

Payments accrued from Amazon US sales from January - June 2016 should be deposited this week so stay tuned for another huge amount going to one of Richard's nominated charities very soon. 1st September A donation of £324.59 plus gift aid has been made today to Shelter, one of the eight charities Richard has nominated on Just, as a result of orders made via Amazon UK and Amazon DE from April to June 2016.

Thank you so much for continuing to use the Amazon links on my home page to order your shopping!

Thank you to Sonya (@soneekk1 on twitter) for scanning the article and providing the translation. Referral fees are earned for free for every item you buy. All archived messages are on the RA messages page - read the introduction at the top for a brief history of RA's messages to his fans.

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