Reese witherspoon dating jason london

Abigail wakes up, knowing Dani isn't home, and runs outside looking for her.

Just as Dani gets home, and runs to her mother, her mother also runs and trips on a root, landing on her stomach.

Dani's father races her to the hospital, where she is kept for treatment.

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Inevitable conflict arises when London meets the older sister, and he quickly relegates Witherspoon to the status of kid sister.

Unfortunately, vet director Robert Mulligan and tyro screenwriter Jenny Wingfield could not come up with a dramatic resolution to this triangle, and resort to a melodramatic device that at once brings the conflict between the two sisters to a head while removing the source of it.

While Dani visits her mother in the hospital, Court comes over to the Trant house and kisses Maureen.

Over the next few days, Dani is getting pushed away by Court.

Dani however prefers to run off into the neighbor's pond to go swimming in the nude.

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